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here's my kiss [entries|friends|calendar]
for you to betray

Vacant streets, ninety-degree heat and this time I've caught fate by the wings and if she screams its curtains for the dead. This town is on fire and I'm on the hills smiling and laughing knowing that my life has just begun.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! [29 Sep 2005|06:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]

it has been so long since i've loged on to livejournal, wow. i just had to come back one last time to say something. my girlfriend chelsea just turned 16 yesterday and i want to wish her another happy birthday.  we've been together over a year and it has been so great seeing her grow up over this time.  we'll only be the same age for a short time, i turn seventeen on the tenth, but it feels good to be on the same page right now.

chelsea is the best thig thats ever happened to me, EVER.  of course we fight..  but we always work through everything and our love is still very much intact. i don't know about her but i actually lover her more and more everyday. 

(i think she is the one)


i love you

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[10 Feb 2005|06:19am]

you can find me on myspace


i'm done
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fuck i'm a puss [01 Feb 2005|07:33pm]
[ mood | whateva ]

so i got in a fight today.
she kicked my ass.

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god put down your gun, can't you see we're dead. [01 Feb 2005|06:07am]
[ mood | awake ]

ok so its been a while since i've updated. since the last one...i have

* gone to the mall with chelsea. i went to buy new pants. she got down on her knees and beged me not to get them. it was quite funny. "i don't mind you wearing them...but its weird for me to be here when you get them" ahha

* i helped chelseas parents paint a room on saturday...then stayed for pizza and games.

*sunday night chelsea and i went to the tilly and the wall/bright eyes. i had a really good time.

then thad and i kissed. yeah. dont ask ahha. sorry again chelsea

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limbs for lunch [17 Jan 2005|09:42pm]

body parts, originally uploaded by napalmdreams1391.

alright so today i drive into downtown norfolk with my mom to go to the mall...after walking around for about thirty minutes i decide to go back to the car to listen to a cd i just bought, as i walk to my car i see six police officers. when i get near the car they pull their guns on me and ask me if this is my car, i say that it is. they asked me if they could search the car and i ask why but they tell me they would rather not say. i use the remote to unlock the car and they opened the back of the truck. by this point i am on my knees with my hands on my head. when they opened the back they start cracking up. it turns out a trucker on the highway had reported seeing body parts in the back of my car; after the report an alert went out to all police in the area and a mall cop saw us pull in and called for backup. so yeah i had a fun day. they were fake arms used to teach people how to draw blood. ahah yeah it was funny.

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[01 Jan 2005|01:43am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

the pros and cons of breathingCollapse )

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i thought you were an angel [20 Dec 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | YAY FOR SNOW ]

you're tight like prom nightCollapse )



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i drew! [18 Dec 2004|10:04pm]

i drew!, originally uploaded by napalmdreams1391.

don't cut your fabric to this years fashion

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[15 Dec 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | masterbating ]

If integrity were a wooden spike we'd all be fuckedCollapse )

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i got like 20 new pics...check these shits out bit [12 Dec 2004|08:31pm]

no flash, originally uploaded by napalmdreams1391.

Name- Keith Russell Mycek

Birthday- 10-10-88

Birthplace- my mommas tummy

Current Location- my house/Virginia Beach

Eye Color- Blue

Hair Color- brown

Height- 5'11"

Righty or Lefty- Lefty

Zodiac sign- Libra

Innie or Outie- Innie

Your Heritage- German, French, Polish, Spanish, English, irish, everything dude.

The Shoes You Wore Today- blue limber ups

weakness- my good weakness – you tell me, I have plenty

Fears- sleep

Perfect Pizza- one I didn’t have to pay for

One thing You'd Like to Achieve- I want to publish one of my books

Style-clothing wise: girls jeans, band T-shirts, athletic influence shoes, white belts and bandannas, hoodies

Music- emo, screamo, hardcore, metal, deathmetal, murder, noiceXcore, pots-hardcore,indie, and 80s

Make-up- eye liner……used sparingly

Bodyart- :( I had a tat….

Wearing- boxers…the ones that say “kiss this”

Listening to- wyld roses

Thinking of- renting “the dreamers” tomorrow from Hollywood video

Last thing you

Bought- Christmas gifts

Ate and drank- green tea, apple strudel

Watched on TV- teen titans backstage at the Norva

Read- America the book, house of leaves, the future American dictionary, the perks of being a wallflower, 1984, a clockwork orange, and lotr

What is

First thoughts waking up- AHHHHHHHHHH

First feature you notice of the opposite sex- eyes

Best physical feature- people say my eyes…I really don’t know

Bedtime- school nights – N/A

Greatest fear- living without her

Most missed memory- donno

Either or

Club or houseparty- houseparty. Tonight’s was a blast

Tea or coffee- green tea

Achiever or slacker- slacker, yet somehow always achieve

Beer or cider- schnapps

Drinks or shots- shots

Cats or dogs- both

Single or taken- in love.

Pen or pencil- pencil

Gloves or mittens- gloves

Food or candy- food

Cassette or cd- mp3

Coke or Pepsi- sprite

Hard or mild alcohol- hard

Matches or a lighter- whatever I have ..i just wanna burn shit

Sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful- umm

Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey- harpo

McDonald's or Burger King- Mickie Ds

Single or Group Dates- single

Adidas or Nike- puma

Chocolate or Vanilla- vanilla

Cappuccino or coffee- tea

Boxers or Briefs- boxers

Do you

Smoke- no

Curse- all the time. bad habit. Oh well fuck it

Sing well- nope

Think you have been in love- I am right now

Want to go to college- I do. But its not something I work at, for example…my grades suck ass…oh well

Like high school- its been fun. I made the top of the “hootie list” in the girls bathroom

Want to get married- yes

Type with fingers on right keys- pppshhh

Get motion sickness- no

Think your attractive- not really…only a little because of nice things people say

think you’re a health freak- at times

Get along with parents- no

Like thunderstorms- love**

Have you ever

Dated one of your best friends- yes

Loved somebody so much it makes you cry- yes

Drank alcohol- yes

Done drugs- yup

Broken the law- hahaha DUHH

Ran away from home- yeah

Broken a bone- yeah dog

Cheated on a test- German that’s it really

Skinny dipped- hell yeah

Played truth or dare- yes

Flashed someone- yes : )

Mooned someone- yuppers

Kissed someone you didn't know- we all have regrets

Been on a talk/game show- noo

Been in a fight- I take karate

Ridden in a fire truck- yes, for a parade

Been on a plane- to many times to count

Come close to dying- 12 times. My fault

Cheated on your boy/girlfriend- yeah. Sorry Meghan. I really didn’t mean for that to happen.

Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride- WOOT getty up!

Eaten a worm/mud pie- eww..fuck germs

Swam in the ocean- ahahah I live in Virginia beach

Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up- wow this question,sucks. Yes I have. Every fucking night.

Played a game that required removal of clothing- phadidil**

Been trashed or completely intoxicated- once again…we all have regrets

Been caught- always

Shoplifted- always

Who do you want to

Kill- jess Simpson

Hear from- santa

Get really wasted with- Chelsea (no date rape scouts honor)

Look like- myself

Be like- myself

Avoid- mirrors

Make out with- hehehe *muah!*

Have sex with- she knows ahah *wink* but its not something we’d do anytime soon

Last person who and when

Touched- dad handshake atr like 1:15 when I got home

Talked to- Chelsea on the phone like an hour ago

Hugged- josh


Kissed- chelsea

Who broke your heart- its still intact and doing quite well, but thanks

You broke their heart- I’m sure I have broken someones…I was an asshole to some girls. But I don’t know who. I’m sorry. <3 forgive me

Where do you

Eat- anywhere mexican

Dance- my room

Cry- wherever I feel like. GOSHHHH

Wish you were- old enough to drive legally

Have the most fun at- the Norva, the mall, bedrooms

Have the worst time at- school

What is

The most embarrassing CD in your collection- metalica

Your bedroom like- ugly as poop

Your favorite thing for breakfast- bagel

Your favorite thing for lunch- whatever

Your favorite thing for dinner- sushi

Your favorite Restaurant- volcano

Are you

A vegetarian- was that count for anything?

Good student- not so much

Good at sports- never

Good singer- haha I wish

Good actor- I was a good liar

Deep sleeper- sure

Good dancer- only moshin

Outgoing- definitely

story teller- like i said I’m a good liar

Good girlfriend/boyfriend- I try my hardest

Your future

Age you hope to be married- as soon as possible

Numbers and Names of Children- 3, 2 boys – 1 girl…names I don’t know about yet.

Describe your dream wedding- Chicago rooftop, doves

How do you want to die- in my sleep next to the woman I love

Where do you want to go to college- I really couldn’t care less

What do you want to be when you grow up- graphic designer/writer

Want to visit- Germany/ Japan how I miss thee

When you want to retire- asap

Who you want to marry- my one true love…duhh

Do you believe in

Love at first site- I do

God/some higher being- yes

True love- yes

Living happily ever after- yes, but we’ll have to work at it

Ok so Friday I ride home with Chelsea and Amanda and yeah. That’s fun times right there. We watched love actually, and then Ben and Thad stopped by for about an hour. After they had left we watched thirteen and then went up to Chels room. We talked for a little while and yeah...whoa…she said “I love you” haha WOOT. Best feeling ever. We kissed and then just held each other…as Amanda comes in. yeah but we wouldn’t dare let her ruin that moment. She took a shower, and left the bathroom door open, kinda creepy…we really don’t wanna see that. But oh well it was amazing either way.
Saturday LC picked me up and we went to the Norva for a show. Used our press passes to get backstage and chill with the bands, took a lot of pics. Met up with josh his bitch adam and two other HOs aha it was fun. Danced with josh for a little then we left. LC and I went to some sick house party. Left and then explored empty houses.
Today was a lot of fun. Just hung out at the barn all day with cobalt (he loves me) got a few pics.

overall the weekend was pretty chill. Cant wait to go back to school ..YEAH! WOOT!

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this is not for you. [05 Dec 2004|10:44pm]
[ mood | excited ]

this weekend was pretty damn good.

friday i rode home with chelsea and just kinda hung out in her room for about two hours *insert angel face here* that in itself was flippin sweet..just being together. then chelsea's parents came home and we talked to them for a while... they made a few girls jeans jokes...i believe i was once again called the "pink power ranger" but yeah ohh well its cool. chelsea kicked me in the balls. thank for that one...abusive girlfriend <3 amanda and kristen came over and we all headed out to the mall. saw ben, kq, andy, and the nice amanda. stole some of their dariy queen. chelsea and i ditched the group and headed to our secret mall "spot" the location of the afore mentioned spot we'll take with us to the grave....*evil laugh* but yeah it can't be to secret because after we're there for about 20 minutes chelsea gets a call... its her dad. her dad:whatcha doing? chelsea :hangin out dad: whatcha doing chelsea: hangin out dad:really because you mom and i are watching you. needless to say we freak out. then i kinda just blew it off. nothing i'm ashamed of. no need to worry about them seeing. it did however make a very interesting conversation topic for the ride home(chelsea's parents) on the whole...great night..romantic,funny,and slightly embareassing,

woke up early on saturday to cut the grass. after i did that i began working on putting up the outdoor christmas lights. fun times as i climbed trees and jammed out to C. Brown's christmas. whe we finished i decided to take a nap. about 30 minutes later i wake up in my front yard with some sick piano solo coming from my cd player and a tiny bird standing on my chest... we scared each other and it flew away. but still it was neat. then i reilized that i had actually taken a nap in my front yard. i think i'm going to make a habit out of it. later that day i went to the mall again to finish off all my christmas shopping; i just didn't have a chance the night before. i got offered a job at hot topic based apon my fashion..i laughed..how funny would that be. then my mom took me out to dinner at warriors grill and i saw joe from 13 news, katie H., and teddy the jew. stayed up till like four talking to thad online...and then listened to music until about 5.

i spent gods day of rest doing just that. i wanted to make god pround so i slept almost all day. then i went to common ground at 7:02 and i donno i just loved the topics tonight. it helped me sortout a lot of the things i'm having a hard time with these days. it feels so good to have a comunity of other teen christians who love eachother and help eachother get through things. god is good.

as for now i'm going to go get back to my book; i'm reading house of leaves over again and whoa..this book changes my life each time i glance at its pages. ahahah i just read this part where this girl named thumper goes into the main characters tattoo parlor for a touch up on the tattoo next to her quote "perfectly shaped pussy" that reads "the happiest placeon earth" ahah who needs thumper when i have you.<3

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I’m positively pessimistic and just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after me [28 Nov 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

This holiday season the Mycek thanksgiving took place in Duck North Carolina, The single most depressing vacation spot on the eastern seaboard.  With only one main road that never seemed to end, annoying turning lanes in the middle of every street, cold weather, and dead sharks washing up on my damn beach…I was kind of bummed.  Everywhere I looked I saw another closed store or movie theater , because apparently not many people travel there except for  during summer so it shuts down and becomes one big ghost town for three fourths of the year.  GEE mom, dad great idea! “Let’s go there and be depressed so we can bitch at each other all through the holiday!”


But we weren’t alone in our stupidity the Goldberg, Mc bride, and Micheknie families joined us in renting a large three story beach house.  It was actually really pretty.  It rained for a day and then it cleared up.  I drove Rick’s truck on the beach…met up with some wild horses out there.  That was really something; forty some SUVs screaming passed poor horrified horses.  I felt bad for them.  Stopped for about an hour to pull some dude out of the mud and then found a fifteen foot long shark dead on the beach, shot it with roman candles.  Imagine the smell. Rotting fish flesh that had been picked at by birds daily covered in maggots being doused in sulfuric goodness.  AHHH


The thanksgiving meal itself was quite entertaining.  Food was tasty.  But I was yelled at for my “I’m thankful for___” speech by a bunch of people, because it wasn’t family related.  Oh well.  It made me happy to tell them how I felt. (I was thankful for the girlfriend I’m such a bad person for that aren’t I)  I got pretty homesick come Friday night so I came back…got in at about four in the morning on Saturday.  Started laundry and hit the hay.  I woke up to the beautiful realization that I had the house to myself for a few days.  A good thing in the sense that I could scream and be naked and bad because I didn’t have rides anywhere.  Whatever, I managed. 


Saturday evening was spent with the beautiful Chelsea.  We walked around the mall and saw Christmas with the Kranks. (Chelsea and I…movie date... NOO WAY!!!) I had a spectacular time.  We always do, it was a terrific homecoming.  After I got back I talked online for a bit then at about 12 I went out to take pictures.  I climbed up on top of El Major Rodeo Mexican restaurant and took some pretty sweet shots, stayed up there for about thirty minutes just to clear my head and then went to the beach to just walk around. 


Woke up this morning and didn’t really feel like doing anything, so it became a lazy Sunday.


Dude bro nah bra (4:30:33 PM): I like lazy Sundays

Dude bro nah bra (4:30:51 PM): when God made it His day of rest, He wasn’t messing around

napalmdreams1391 (4:31:29 PM): yeah.   But they can get boring...that’s why Jesus came later and invented metal


I just finished working out and I’m really tired so yeahhh I think its time to get off this damn computer.  Goodnight and happy holiday wishes to all.


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yeah we're all about spongebob...who isn't [24 Nov 2004|06:16am]

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i think we found something over here [22 Nov 2004|06:07am]
[ mood | loved ]

alright so... friday i went to the movies with chelsea and amanda. we saw shall we dance, I had seen it before but I didn't really care. Thad had decided to come down for the weekend so we met up with him after the movie. We also ran into the Whole tenth grade...mallrats

saturday i went over to pats house with thad at about four. we were dressed as spongebob for pats little brothers party. it was pretty fun. pizza.cake.ice cream. there was this one asshole kid nameds sonny...i wish he would have been old enough for me not to feel bad about wanting to kick his ass. we went to the theater early to save seats for the party in spongebob. some dick stole them by FORCE. kinda ruined the party. a lot of us had to sit on the floor. its ok. we got a bunch of free stuff.

sunday thad and i just kinda sat around playing halo until four...showered, went to the mall with chelsea and thad, ate subway, went to the norva. underoath was good.coheed was good. amazing show. amazing kiss. amazing night. amazing girl. the end

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one of these people is hott [15 Nov 2004|10:43pm]

alright so here are some pictues from the retreat. i haven't gotten mine back yet.

so today i'm on the phone with gary and after about ten seconds into the call i hear a terrible crashing noise and screaming in the background. as i was on the phone with him he was T-boned by a giant "MAC" type truck.

i heard the first police report and it said that the car was destroyed (he lives in his car) and that he was being sent to the hospital in critical condition...dying basicly.

upon hearing this i ask everyone i can to pray for him. and i would just like to say thank you for anyone that did. it worked. i don't know how but i know why; thanks to al your prayers i received the news that gary was perfectly fine with minor scratches. the car is still pretty fucked and he will be living with us for a while because the crash made him "homeless" but the point is you're prayers worked. god heard. he loves and listens to all of us.

phewww ... on a lighter note, i just looked down and i have massive skidd marks.

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i'm mr. brightside [14 Nov 2004|11:50pm]
[ mood | loved ]

the hero cycleCollapse )

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high fructose corn syrup [07 Nov 2004|09:42pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

*thursday i went to see MCR play at the norva

*friday i went to chelsea's house to hangout at the beach and around the fire...it was perfect

*saturday i went to karate,lunch,mall, and movies with bob

*sunday i went to church

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my first kiss at the public execution [02 Nov 2004|10:31pm]

fire starter, originally uploaded by napalmdreams1391.

The best Friday ever: school. Then I went home with V.A. and Chelsea. That was fun. We walked to Amanda’s house and gathered the rest of the crowd to go out for a Mexican lunch at Guadalajara. I got three soft tacos. We walked from there to Ben and Jerry’s where JENN and I parted with the rest of the gang to go back and hang at her house… she has such a gorgeous house omFg. LUCKY. It was fun. We just sat around looking at pictures, playing dress up, and having really good talks. She and I are officially tight.

Then we went to Phil’s house to meet up with people for the HARDxCORE bonfire/party adventure. Like 20 people showed up. At first we all were in his room making music. Josiah, Jeremy, Craig, McKenzie, Adam (big Adam) and like lots of other random people. We passed out directions to the ruins and we were off. Incase you don’t know what the ruins are…..they are located in a giant field near train tracks; they are lots of old torn down buildings where we decided to sing, play music, light fireworks, dance, and get naked(but that story comes later)it was fun. We used bush 04 signs to keep the fire going. I ate lots of smores but I don’t think that’s the right spelling. Adam and I go back to before her moved away for school so we made out (have pictures to prove it) and he shot me with a roman candle…a few times. Then he I and McKenzie went in the woods to strip and take pictures. They came out really hott. Almost right as we are putting our clothing back on we see a chopper in the sky. It’s the cops. They are shining their spot light on us. Everyone scrambles and runs in different directions. There were cops in the field so thank god we didn’t go that way. We hid out in the woods until the cops left and then called someone for a ride back to where we had parked our cars .I Went back to Phil’s place, then home. This was one of the best nights I’ve ever experienced. I smell like sulfur.

P.s. I cut off my hair.

Saturday: I woke up around 10, went to karate, Came home and not five min later Thad shows up. We cut my grass and played GTA. At like 245 we went to Kirby’s to make the zombie movie. Lots of people showed up. I was a retarded kid/king zombie. We stayed just long enough to piss everyone else off. Then we came home to change and we headed out for Mexican at La Herradera. We talked to Kaila’s parents for a good ten min. then we ordered. (Cheese dip and we each ate one hard and two soft tacos. Thad was pissed that his came with onions.) We then went to Kroger to get condoms (aka water balloons). Then we did “shopping carts” around the back, Ran into Britt, Alex, and bitch in the store buying cherry coke then we went to smash pumpkins. We threw rocks at a street light and knocked out the light and we both randomly started singing the same exact line of a AFI song (Halloween) the line was “candy apples and razorblades” we started and stopped at EXACTLY the same time; it freaked us out a lot, Walked home, Got yelled at, and umm its Sunday now.

We went to sleep. I woke up and played halo. Then I woke Thad up with a doughnut. We got dressed and went to Jenn’s house to hangout. Lauren was there, we watched nightmare before Christmas, beetlejuice, and rocky horror. Then I called Chelsea; I was hiding in a laundry closet. Best conversation I think we’ve ever had. I was crying really hard. So to take my mind off it I walked out to the end of her pier and jumped in wearing all my clothing. It didn’t work but it got me really cold. And now I’m wearing gay boys clothing. Then we just sat around and talked. Tomorrow I’m bringing Thad to school with me.

We had set our alarm for 5:20, I promptly got up, and Thad promptly ignored it. We both showered (separately) when we got to school it was funny seeing people faces… I believe it was Cho who said it best “WHAAAA!?!?!” We went to the office to try and get Thad a pass to shadow me; we tried to play it off as him coming down to look at different schools (because his mom is thinking about moving back). It might have worked had the lady who helped up not been Thad’s EX P.E. teacher. She said...”wait…didn’t you go here last year?” We were in the office for a good hour before they made me go to class. Then Thad just called my dad for a ride home after many failed attempts to convince those bitches. It turns out he just went home and slept, until 2, and ate my easy Mac…bastard. I came home and we decided we wanted some food so we walked up to 711, we bought food from this kid named “Jada” he was a tall black guy with straight hair and hundreds of white warts all over his neck. He was quite preoccupied with the temperature of Thad’s buns (hotdog). And when we go to pay he is just like “so do you guys like Thursday”. As soon as we leave we start cracking up (it was the warts). Then we see a hick get out of his truck and we see a bumper sticker that says “real men love Jesus” after we finish laughing we talk about this black punk guy we see at all the shows we go to because Jada reminded us of him; minus the warts. Then we decide to go into rite aid. Whoa. We are just walking around the store minding our own business holding condoms and a pregnancy test kit and a stuffed horse, and the owner tried to make us leave. He tells us to go outside. So I just say “what a fucking faggot” to his face and we walk outside. We then go back in and the same thing happened. This time we just stand outside by the door. After about a minute he comes out and tells us to get off his property I give him shit because he just told us it was ok to be outside. We walk away. I saw a cop so I go up and tell him about it and how I think the guy violated my civil rights. The cop nods and agrees with me (he is black...civil rights violations come with the color) he told us we should file a lawsuit. We see the owner of the store outside JB’s gallery of girls and I stopped him to tell him what the cop said. I ask him if he is homophobic and his eyes get really big and his jaw drops… because he knows we could get him in a lot of trouble because we weren’t ever doing anything wrong. Then we go home. Change clothing and go out to the bus stop. We rode to Pembroke mall and we went to FYE. I bought umm a lot of music (ARMOR FOR SLEEP dream to make believe, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN miss machine, BLOOD BROTHERS crimes, FEAR BEFORE THE MARCH OF FLAMES odd how people shake…and art damage) then we went to the movies. They wouldn’t let us buy tickets to saw so we bought tickets to the grudge and just snuck into saw. But yeah wow. Thad and I agree that we’ve never seen a more fucked up movie. Its so twisted and perverted, gory and sketch. WE LOVED IT. Go see it. Then guess who we see walk out of the theaters…the previously mentioned black punk whom we were reminded of by Jada the 711 clerk. Yeah does anyone else realize that my weekend kicked so much more ass than that of your weekend, yeah?
Thad and I just got off the phones with our respective girlfriends; there is so much fucking drama right now, it’s kind of just a negative sensory overload. And the worst part is no one can tell me why…I mean I know what makes me feel so shity but I just don’t understand why it has to be that way. I couldn’t take it I guess. I just threw up.

Thad and I woke up around ten and showered. Then we left the house t0 eat. We ended up eating at Wawa. I got one of those new Pepsi spiced sodas for the holiday season. Don’t you make the same mistake. It was quite gross; cinnamon flavored. Then we walked to Gamecrazy to hangout and mooch. I came home and Thad’s mom picked him up. I miss him, Then I went to the beach for a while, and then to karate.

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Having a good time with the robots ROBOTS [24 Oct 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Read more...Collapse )</font></p>






Having a good time with the robots
Having a good time with new boys
new boys
Looking at TV news flashes
news flashes
Building an army of destroyers

Every time I see myself with you
Every time I see myself with you it’s SATIN CON BLONDE

Every time I lay awake with me
Every time I feel the heat it's SATIN CON BLONDE
You scream, wa-oh-oh-oh

Having a good time with the warriors
Having a good time with new boys
new boys
Looking at TV news flashes
news flashes
Building an army of destroyers

Every time I lay awake with me
Every time I see myself it's SATIN CON BLONDE
Every time I see myself with you
Every time I feel the heat it's SATIN CON BLONDE
You scream, wa-oh-oh-oh

Every time I see myself with you
Every time I feel the heat it's...

Every time I see myself with you
Every time I feel the heat it's


SATIN wa-oh-oh-oh

SATIN wa-oh-oh-oh

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bellasphyxiation [17 Oct 2004|11:18pm]

ok so tonight was the couch-a-thon. massive good times. ok so first thing we did was go to the cox stadium and throw it off... then we drove to food lion and we took it inside and questioned people. "if you were a starving hotdog wold you eat yourself?"...we then decided to go dress it up and trick or treat with it. on the way to the house if fell out of the back of the truck in the middle of shoredrive...brought traffic to a hult..that was so fun. we trick or treated got candy. we took it to the havana parking lot and song songs with it. then to the other foodlion where we got in a fight with another team over pillows (bonus points).then we convinced employeeees to eat natchos off our couch..they dove head first and piges out. last stop of the night we took it through a car wash. then back to the church. we shot paint balls at it, and drug it behind a jeep using nylon cord. great wonderful night.

then some bi guy hit on me and i went with it...note...all who read the following WILL be sick.

wetmuddylevis: are u totally straight?
napalmdreams1391: O:-)
wetmuddylevis: i like girls but sometimes guys turn me on too
napalmdreams1391: i tell my close friends i'm bi...but i've never taken it further then words. u know?
wetmuddylevis: that's OK. how old r u?
napalmdreams1391: 16
wetmuddylevis: fuck. we are so alike
napalmdreams1391: hHAHA YEAH
wetmuddylevis: the pix of u in the pink top and supertight jeans was so hot
napalmdreams1391: THANKS!
napalmdreams1391: :-)
wetmuddylevis: were u wearing underwear underneath?
napalmdreams1391: do you have any pics?
napalmdreams1391: no.
wetmuddylevis: i dont wear UW when i wear supertight jeans
napalmdreams1391: ditto.
wetmuddylevis: but it makes me so horny sometimes
napalmdreams1391: I AGREE....very...horny
wetmuddylevis: and i get so hard in jeans
napalmdreams1391: hmm....stop. you're making me think about it to much
napalmdreams1391: ;-)
wetmuddylevis: haha. isn't that the idea? :-D
napalmdreams1391: i hope! cause its working
wetmuddylevis: i have some sort of nasty pix of me in supertight jeans that a girl made me try on (ok...I really made her dare me to wear them) at my live journal page
napalmdreams1391: do you have a link or something...i REALLY wanna see
wetmuddylevis: one sec
wetmuddylevis: http://www.livejournal.com/users/sawblade_md/
napalmdreams1391: WHOA...hottemosex
wetmuddylevis: the top ones were so tight i couldnt breath
napalmdreams1391: yeah i can wear 00...but ouch
wetmuddylevis: but they got me so fuckin hard
wetmuddylevis: how tight do you wear jeans to school?
napalmdreams1391: very.
napalmdreams1391: like 1s or 2..i own everything from 00 to 9
wetmuddylevis: wow
wetmuddylevis: and u dont wear UW even to school?
napalmdreams1391: no. not with the tight ones
wetmuddylevis: fuck. We are SOOOOO alike
wetmuddylevis: cant believe this
napalmdreams1391: hehe does the idea of both of us without any underwear turn you on?...because that could be one mre thing we have in cmmon
wetmuddylevis: duh
wetmuddylevis: of course
napalmdreams1391: :-*
wetmuddylevis: got me hard at the computer
wetmuddylevis: u ever get wet or muddyin your jeans? u can tell I like that too.
wetmuddylevis: my name is Sebastian. a stupid name but I can't change it.
napalmdreams1391: haha i went swimming in em a few times
wetmuddylevis: like swimming in them?
napalmdreams1391: yeah...you shoulda been there.
wetmuddylevis: tell me
napalmdreams1391: tell you...____
wetmuddylevis: why should i have been there?
napalmdreams1391: O:-):-[use your imagination
wetmuddylevis: uh....cause it turned u on?
napalmdreams1391: well lets put it this way...if you were there i woulda been a WHOLE LOT more turned on
wetmuddylevis: mmmmmmmmm
wetmuddylevis: what's your first name?
napalmdreams1391: keith
wetmuddylevis: Sebastian (I said that already)
napalmdreams1391: i think your name is sex.
wetmuddylevis: hey keith, this is so awesome
napalmdreams1391: yeah
wetmuddylevis: talking about tight jeans turns me on. maybe that's sick. I dunno

Auto response from napalmdreams1391: your kirbylies: not only do you attract hords of girls you also attract scene livejournal boys

napalmdreams1391: talking about you turns me on
wetmuddylevis: mmmmmmmmm
wetmuddylevis: have u ever done anything with another guy?
napalmdreams1391: hmmm i've kissed a few boys... but only like pecks on the cheek and once on thev lips...i want more. how bout you?
wetmuddylevis: uh. well I have done a little more
napalmdreams1391: YAY.... DO TELL!!!
wetmuddylevis: uh, ok
wetmuddylevis: this is sort of weird
napalmdreams1391: don't let it be....
napalmdreams1391: its getting me so..."EXCITED"
wetmuddylevis: I mean I am just telling some internet stranger. but OK
wetmuddylevis: i have jacked off with a friend and we've humped
wetmuddylevis: did that freak you out?
napalmdreams1391: sounds like SO much fun...what do you mean you hummped? (no no on..i wish i could do that with someone)
wetmuddylevis: hump = rubbing crotches together I guess sort of as if fucking, but with clothes on . do u want details?
napalmdreams1391: details are hott....you're hotter
wetmuddylevis: lol
wetmuddylevis: not as hot as you in your fuck-me painted on jeans and pink top
napalmdreams1391: :-*
wetmuddylevis: who took that pic?
napalmdreams1391: a friend of mine....at camp (yeah i walked around a jesus camp like that)
wetmuddylevis: " a jeans camp" ?
napalmdreams1391: JESUS
wetmuddylevis: oh mis read it
wetmuddylevis: you must have come close to being raped a few times that way...lol
napalmdreams1391: not by guys :-(
wetmuddylevis: haha
wetmuddylevis: girls love it too
wetmuddylevis: they like seeing guys bulges
napalmdreams1391: but i want to exeriment with a guy soon...this convo really turned on my bi o meter
wetmuddylevis: me too
wetmuddylevis: so i will just tell you about Terry and me
napalmdreams1391: YAY
wetmuddylevis: we went wading in this stream in park
wetmuddylevis: both in these like totally obscene jeans - his mom was yelling at us about them i still remember
wetmuddylevis: and we kept daring each other to go deeper and deeper in water
wetmuddylevis: we ended up getting totally soaked in the stream
wetmuddylevis: and we were rockhard
wetmuddylevis: (is too nasty ?)
napalmdreams1391: ARGGG i want you.
wetmuddylevis: and we got on the bank of the strream and we were so hard and kept teasing each other and then we were like mock wrestling in the stream, in the shallow part
wetmuddylevis: and i got on top of him and
wetmuddylevis: it just automatically started - we humped, grinding our jeans crotches together
napalmdreams1391: =-O
wetmuddylevis: he was holding my wet butt
napalmdreams1391: i want to join in sooo bad
wetmuddylevis: it ended um, predictably :-D
napalmdreams1391: .....
wetmuddylevis: do u want me to say?
napalmdreams1391: YES!
wetmuddylevis: we both completely totally creamed our jeans
napalmdreams1391: like i said...i want some
wetmuddylevis: one of the most intense orgasms we ever had. jeans crotches were like competely soaked in jizz
napalmdreams1391: damn what cn't you live here..i so want to give you a better one!!!!!
wetmuddylevis: may have to come there
wetmuddylevis: lol
napalmdreams1391: ohh the things i'd do with you..or rather...to you.
wetmuddylevis: (this got me so hard retelling it)
wetmuddylevis: tell me............
napalmdreams1391: lets just say this....
napalmdreams1391: anything. you wanted. anything.
wetmuddylevis: mmmmmmm
wetmuddylevis: r u hard now?
napalmdreams1391: as much as i'll ever be....
napalmdreams1391: this ones just for you. ;-)
wetmuddylevis: are you in jeans? rubbing your jeans crotch? (cuz I am)
napalmdreams1391: in jeans...hand in there too
wetmuddylevis: do u ever cum inside jeans?
napalmdreams1391: sometimes ..but just pre. like i said i need a boy.
wetmuddylevis: you do. i cream my jeans all the time
wetmuddylevis: Keith we are so alike
napalmdreams1391: you can cream inside my mouth
wetmuddylevis: would you like that?
napalmdreams1391: toooo much
wetmuddylevis: would u swallow it?
napalmdreams1391: if you promise to give me lots
wetmuddylevis: yeah just a gallon of thick creamy jizz
wetmuddylevis: dripping all over you
napalmdreams1391: 8-)
wetmuddylevis: (fuck now I am close to creaming my jeans at computer)
napalmdreams1391: good. i want you to. i want you to know that i'd let you stick it in your choice out of all the holes on my body
wetmuddylevis: i am a virgin. i mean i haven't fucked anyone. but want to. are u also a virgin?
napalmdreams1391: no.
napalmdreams1391: i've had 8 partners. girls. for a total of thirty four times.
napalmdreams1391: and trust me...i wouldn't mind showing you the ropes
wetmuddylevis: lol
wetmuddylevis: I have gone down on a girl and had her go down on me. but that's it
wetmuddylevis: ever have a girl rub you thru your pants til you came in them?
napalmdreams1391: no... ahha i lik it more without the pants on...it sounds like oudo everything with you pants on..i'll have to fix that. pull thse bad bods down you your knees....as i'm on mine
wetmuddylevis: mmmmmmmmm
wetmuddylevis: we could suck each other off
napalmdreams1391: like i told you..i'd do anything....just have to ask
wetmuddylevis: want to 69 with u
napalmdreams1391: yumm
wetmuddylevis: when u cum do u shoot a lot?
napalmdreams1391: enough.... ohhh trust me its plenty.... i can show you if you'd like
wetmuddylevis: sometimes when i cum it's SO much
wetmuddylevis: how often do you masturbate?
napalmdreams1391: on average..twice a day. you?
wetmuddylevis: we are SO alike. sometimes once a day sometimes 3 or 4 but i bet it averaages out to maybe 10-15 times a wk
wetmuddylevis: how do u do it?
napalmdreams1391: what do you mean how? aahha how do you?
wetmuddylevis: i mean naked, in bathroom, etc?
napalmdreams1391: haha i'm the horniest kid ever... when i wake up...in the shower... at the computer....right now....i like play games.. like see if i can do it while spending the night at someones house..
wetmuddylevis: shit, i do it other friends houses too
wetmuddylevis: no I am the horniest kid
wetmuddylevis: when u do it at computer, do u do it in kleenex or what?
napalmdreams1391: i just let it go all over
napalmdreams1391: but we can be the horniest two people..together.. then i can help you be not so horny..however you'd like...
wetmuddylevis: this is so wild
wetmuddylevis: so HOT
napalmdreams1391: i just really want to reafferm this...because it makes me so hard..... i would do ANYTHIG to toy..or let you do anything to me
wetmuddylevis: now u got me totally hard. boner is pressing against these skintight jeans and some precum is leaking out
napalmdreams1391: letme taste
wetmuddylevis: if u were here u would see damp area on front of jeans
napalmdreams1391: =-O<---------------8
napalmdreams1391: tehehe
wetmuddylevis: are u rubbing your jeans or have hand inside?
napalmdreams1391: inside.
napalmdreams1391: i think i'm going to go for #3 today.... because you're so fucking hott
wetmuddylevis: me too . we should cum together
wetmuddylevis: should i just fuck these jeans and cum inside them? I was going to wear them to class tomorrow
napalmdreams1391: hhaa ohh i'm going to get these jeans quite dirty tonight
wetmuddylevis wants to send file fuckedjeans.JPG.
napalmdreams1391: try again
napalmdreams1391: what is it?
wetmuddylevis: this is what i do to my jeans
wetmuddylevis: one min
napalmdreams1391: nvm'
napalmdreams1391 received C:\Documents and Settings\keith 2\My Documents\download\napalmdreams1391\fuckedjeans.JPG.
wetmuddylevis: one min, back in min
wetmuddylevis signed off at 10:55:39 PM.
wetmuddylevis signed on at 10:58:30 PM.
napalmdreams1391: i didn't get the pic
napalmdreams1391: direct connect
napalmdreams1391: ohhh how i wish you had some of these pics...minus the jeans
wetmuddylevis: one sec
wetmuddylevis wants to send file fuckedjeans.JPG.
napalmdreams1391 received C:\Documents and Settings\keith 2\My Documents\download\napalmdreams1391\fuckedjeans.JPG.
wetmuddylevis: did that go thru
napalmdreams1391: hmm
wetmuddylevis: (heard parents footsteps )
napalmdreams1391: :-*
napalmdreams1391: sneaky.
napalmdreams1391: no i didn't get anything....whay don't you direct connect?
wetmuddylevis: cause this has some stupid firewall that i have to figure out how to disable
wetmuddylevis: will do tonite and we can direct connect tomorrow
wetmuddylevis: should i just cream these jeans now?
wetmuddylevis: ?
napalmdreams1391: i'd love that
wetmuddylevis: thinking about our bodies together
wetmuddylevis: grinding our hardons together
wetmuddylevis: then sucking u hard
napalmdreams1391: no no no...sucking you. very very hard.. gently cupping yout balls in one hand and gaging on your big...hard...cock.
wetmuddylevis: then i would start squirting thick streams of creamy cum into your mouth and it would drip down your chin as you tried to swallow it
wetmuddylevis: fuck i am so close to creaming these jeans
napalmdreams1391: do it...
napalmdreams1391: for me.
wetmuddylevis: oh fuck
wetmuddylevis: cumming
napalmdreams1391: *opens wide*
wetmuddylevis: just totaly soaked my jeans crotch
wetmuddylevis: dripping down to my butt now
wetmuddylevis: totally slimey and gooey
wetmuddylevis: u made me cum a lot
wetmuddylevis: jeans are a MESS
wetmuddylevis: maybe i should wear these tomorrow anyway
wetmuddylevis: what are u doing????
napalmdreams1391: trying to cum...ahah i'm like trying to picture us... OHHH
wetmuddylevis: maybe i will sleep in these jeans and cream them again thinking of u
napalmdreams1391: :-*
wetmuddylevis: i am usually online between 10 and 11
napalmdreams1391: yay
wetmuddylevis: did u cum yet
napalmdreams1391: i think iwant to save it for later... my bed... pretending you are in it with me
wetmuddylevis: good . tell me about tomorrow
wetmuddylevis: got to go to bed
wetmuddylevis: tomorrow?
napalmdreams1391: i'll be here.
napalmdreams1391: muah!!
wetmuddylevis: laterz
wetmuddylevis: :-*
wetmuddylevis: bye
napalmdreams1391: :-)
wetmuddylevis signed off at 11:16:45 PM.

yeah its creepy....i know.

21 bleed the same / but I am the killer

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